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Diets for Orphaned Wildlife & Birds

Category Wild Food Substitute
Loons and Grebes Fish, frogs, crabs, aquatic insects Cod liver oil, raw lean beef, fish, frozen herring, night crawlers
Swans and Geese

Aquatic vegetation, some grains Intermediate chicken scratch, wild bird seed, bread
Dabbling Ducks

Vegetation, grasses, wild celery, aquatic animal food, worms Chicken scratch, bread, grass, ground beef, earthworms
Diving Ducks

Shrimp, mollusks, crabs, small fish Bread, night crawlers, bone meal, beef, cod liver oil

Mice, rats, rodents of all kinds, birds Lean strips of beef, mice, milk, chicken, bone meal, cod liver oil

Grasshoppers, insects, wasps, locusts, very occasionally small birds Beef strips, mealworms, milk, grasshoppers, bone meal, mice

Fish Fish, beef strips, chicken
Bald Eagles

Fish, rodents, ducks, birds Fish, lean beef, bone meal, cod liver oil, mice
Golden Eagles

Rodents, birds Beef chunks, chicken, mice, bone meal

Rodents of all kinds Milk, beef, mice, rats, chicken, bone meal, cod liver oil

Tent caterpillars, worms, bugs, grasshoppers Bone meal, cod liver oil, lean ground beef, beef strips, mealworms, bread

Nectar from flowers, tiny insects Honey, sugar or molasses in water in small vials
Kingbirds, Vireos, Nighthawks, Whip-poor-wills, Swifts, Flycatchers, Swallows

Entirely insectivorous, will have to be hand-fed since they catch food in the air Lean ground beef, very small strips of raw beef, bread and milk mealworms, flies

Fish, minnows, crabs, frogs, locust, lizards Fish, beef strips, night crawlers
Woodpeckers, Flickers, Sapsuckers

Grubs, ants, bores, beetles, berries in the winter Mealworms, bread and milk, beef strips, suet, ground beef

Seeds, grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars Mealworms, wild bird feed, bread  
Magpies, Crows, Ravens

Insects, acorns, fruit, small birds Ground beef, beef, chicken scratch, bread, hard-boiled eggs, bone meal, cod liver oil

Large insects, some frogs, mice, acorns and sunflower seeds Ground beef, hard-boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, peanuts, nuts
Chats, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, Towhees

Pine seeds, sunflower seeds, acorns, poison ivy, beetles, weevils, ants, other insects Shelled peanuts, nuts, blueberries, apples, wild bird seed, sunflower seeds, suet
Mockingbirds, Starlings, Brown Thrashers, Warblers, Robins, Thrushes, Catbirds, Bluebirds, Cedar Waxwings

Holly, grapes, cherries, sumac, pokeweed, Virginia creeper, cedar pyracantha, worms, ants, beetles.  Fruits in fall and winter. Apples, raisins, sour cherries, bread, suet, ground beef, mealworms, earthworms
Cowbirds, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Meadowlarks

Crickets, insects, weed seeds Wild bird seed, scratch, bread, suet, ground beef
Orioles, Tanagers

Caterpillars, ants, spiders, wild fruits Apples, cherries, blueberries, bread, ground beef, mealworms, suet
Grosbeaks, Purple Finches, Cardinals, Buntings, Crossbills

Insects, bugs, beetles, sunflower seeds, dogwood, sumac tree buds, fruits Mealworms, suet, sunflower seeds, cherries, wild bird seed, bread
Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, Cranes, Rails, Plovers, Sandpipers, Phalaropes

Crayfish, shrimp, marine worms, frogs, insects, mice, shrews, snails, wild grasses, some grains Bread, beef strips, night crawlers, chicken scratch, bone meal, cod liver oil
Grouse, Doves, Pheasants, Partridges, Pigeons, Turkeys, Bobwhites

Mainly grain, some summer and fall insects Chicken scratch, wild bird seed, bread

Mainly earthworms, some grains, flies, beetles, spiders, caterpillars

Earthworms, night crawlers, beef strips, bone meal, cod liver oil

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