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Image of children visiting the dinosaurs at the Good Zoo
Image of children posing on the T-Rex at the Good Zoo
Image of children taking place in the dino dig at the Good Zoo
The Edmontonia sits high atop visitors on the waterfall located at the wetlands at the Good Zoo
Dinosaurs at the Good Zoo!

Our summer dinos have gone to sleep for the fall, but they will roar back to life for Boo at the Zoo!

The dinosaurs in our exibit are fitted with electric brains so they move and roar in a very life-like way. The dinosaurs at the Good Zoo this summer include a Stegosaurus, Edmontonia, Suchomimus, Amargasaurus and her baby and others. There is also a T-Rex that is non-robotic so visitors can sit on it and take their photo or video, but all other dinosaurs are robotic and move and roar.

Although most of the dinosaurs can be discovered in the woods near the Australian Exhibit a couple of the dinosaurs are located in other areas of the zoo.

The Edmontonia has claimed the top of the wetlands waterfall as his prehistoric perch for the summer and the Suchomimus is located in the Wetlands. For a close up view of the Edmontonia take a train ride but the creature can be seen and heard from the Wetlands.

The entire zoo staff has been working with a paleontologist and is well-versed on the dinosaurs that are currently on exhibit and are prepared to pass on this information to all visitors. Paleontologists continue to find new dig sites and new dinosaur species, and advanced tools and new discoveries have led to new conclusions about dinosaurs. Museums have had to change exhibits numerous times as paleontology forms a more accurate picture of dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are from Billings Productions, North America’s leading provider of life-size animatronic dinosaurs for zoos, museums and theme parks. According to their website at, the company aims to encourage discovery and create awareness of prehistoric life in both young and old by making learning fun and entertaining.

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