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Photo of the Glass Museum
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Oglebay Institute's Glass Museum
Located in the lower level of Carriage House Glass, the glass museum features more than 3,000 examples of Wheeling glass made from 1829-1939, the glass museum displays cut lead crystal, Victorian art glass, Peach blow glass, pattern and depression glass, Northwood's carnival glass and many other glass examples showcasing Ohio Valley history.

See live glassworking demonstrations and make your own paperweight in one of our Walk-In Workshops.

One of the highlights of the museum is the largest piece of cut lead crystal ever made, The Sweeney Punch Bowl. Standing five-feet tall and weighing 225 pounds, this crystal treasure is world famous - a remarkable piece of Victorian artistry.

The Museums of Oglebay Institute accommodate the mobility and visually impaired.

More About Oglebay Institute
Oglebay Institute was formed in 1930 when a group of like-minded citizens, armed with the vision and the philanthropy of the Oglebay family, came together to "contribute to the joy of living" by creating cultural, education and recreational programming in the city's newly acquired Oglebay Park.

Since that time the Institute has grown to include six facilities throughout Wheeling - The Mansion Museum, The Glass Museum, The Stifel Fine Arts Center, Towngate Theatre and Cinema, The Schrader Environmental Education Center and the School of Dance - and offers hundreds of community and school programs in the city, county, region and state. These institute-sponsored programs annually give entertainment and instruction in the arts, history and nature to more than 120,000 people of all ages.

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