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Indoor Fall Tennis Jamboree

Indoor Fall Tennis Jamboree - Join the Revolution
Saturday, October 22, 2011
Tennis Jamboree 1-3pm.

Students, players & teams can come join the fun with 2 hours of new exciting drills, games, demos and prizes, plus sign up for the Fall Academy!

Fall Tennis Jamboree Schedule of Events
11:30 - 12:30
SuperStars Quick Start 10 and under & elementary students
Learn the fun fast way to play tennis
1 pm - 3 pm
Middle and High School students
Fall 2011 Indoor Jr. Academy Schedule
Session 1 Sonic Serve II October 24 - 30
Session 2 Winning at the Net October 31 - November 6
Session 3 Forehands November 7 - 13
Session 4 Backhands November 14 - 20
Session 5 Specialty Shots November 21 - 27
Session 6 Captain Video - See what you’ve been missing! November 28 - December 4
Session 7

Smart Tennis Tactics

December 5 - 11
Session 8 Academy Tournament & Party December 12 - 18
Click here for more information and a registration form or call 304-243-4039 to register by phone!
Fall Weekly Indoor Tennis Programs
These weekly tennis programs start the week of October 24, 2011.
Mon - Fri 4:30 - 6 pm Junior & Adult Academy Classes
Wednesday 9 - 11 am Cardio Tennis
Wednesday 8 - 10 pm Men’s Night Tennis League
Friday 9 - 11 am Ladies Day
Saturday 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Quick Start - 10 & Under Tennis
Saturday 1 – 3pm Advance Junior Match Play
Sunday 12 - 6 pm Private Lessons & Video Privates
Private lessons are also available for one-on-one professional coaching.
For more information, please call Jeremy McClelland at 304-243-4039.
  Photo of Marc White
Director of Tennis
Oglebay Resort
Marc White

How can I add more power on my serve so I can start to ace my opponents?

Jim Pettit, Charlotte NC 4.5 NTRP

Marc's Answer:
The serve is the most important stroke in the game. Look at all the top ATP and WTA Professionals. All of these players have made their serves into weapons that help them win. Plus they practice with their coaches weekly.

The serve is also my favorite stroke to teach. You can practice and improve your serve on your own. To add more power on your serve you must work in three areas.

First, the strength and power must start with your stance and your legs. You need to push up off the court with your legs. I like to lean under the serve and then push up. Think of flexing your ankles and knees and spring up!

Next, your ball placement must be consistent. Slow down the beginning of your motion and place the ball slightly forward and to the right of your body. (For left-handed players, the ball placement should be slightly to the server's left side.) This position will allow you to coil your body by turning your hips and shoulders. By coiling the upper body, you will be able to store energy in your core on the serve. Load and then explode up to the ball!

The third key to a powerful serve is racquet head acceleration before you hit the ball. Remember to use the Continental serving grip, which will add spin and power to your new serve - plus it allows your wrist to move smoothly. Try relaxing your grip by sliding your hand down so that the meaty part of your palm hangs off the bottom of the racquet. This will help you relax your wrist and increase racquet head speed as you generate a whipping of the racquet, up and through the ball. Pronation, or wrist snap, increases racquet head speed as you hit up on the ball.

So remember...everyone can have a powerful serve, but you must practice!

1. A forward ball placement helps uncoil the body.
2. Lean under the ball and push yourself off of the court with your legs.
3. A relaxed grip increases racquet head acceleration towards the ball.

You now have time, to improve your new serve. Start practicing today at the Marc S White Tennis School, so you can win your next match with an ace!

See you on the courts!
Coach White

Jeremy McClelland
Director of Tennis, Oglebay Resort
USPTA Certified
USTA Tennis Ambassador
PTR National Tester

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