Cottage Amenities

Photo of one of the Oglebay cottages
General Information
Rental Application

Cottage Amenities Key:

  • HA: Handicap Accessible
  • GG: Gas Grill
  • DW: Dishwasher
  • WD: High Efficiency Washer & Drier
  • GF: Gas Fireplace
  • BB: Sets of Bunk Beds
  • WF: WiFi Available
  • PT: Pet Friendly

Premium Cottages
May, Hess and Chambers cottages offer the finest in overnight accommodations. Each of our premium cottages contain 5,000 sq. ft. and feature 8 bedrooms, 6 ½ bathrooms, 15 queen beds a piece, gas grills, 2 refrigerators, dishwashers, high efficiency washer & driers and WiFi.

Deluxe Cottages
New features include a flat-screen TV in the living room, a flat-screen TV in one bedroom and wireless Internet. The deluxe cottages have a fully-equipped kitchen, heating, air-conditioning, open fireplace and are available with two, four or six carpeted bedrooms.



Sumac 6 3   13   2.5 GG,PT
Aster 6 3   12   2 GG,PT
Forsythia 6 3   12   2 GG,PT
Holly 6 3   12   2 HA,GG,PT
Speidel 9 6 3   12   2 GG,PT
Hawthorn 4 4 8     1 GG,DW,PT
Juniper 4 4 2 4 2 1 PT
Ash 4 2   8   1 PT
Beech 4 2   8   1 PT
Chestnut 4 2   8   1 PT
Ginkgo 4 2   8   1 PT
Ivy 4 2   8   1 PT
Kalmia 4 2   8   1 PT
Laurel 4 2   8   1 PT
Lilac 4 2   8   1 HA,PT
Redbud 4 2   8   1 PT
Rhododendron 4 2   8   1 PT
Speidel 1-4 4 2   8   1 PT
Hupp 4 2   8   1 PT
Speidel 6 4 2   8   1 PT
Strauss 4 2   8   1 GF,PT
Speidel 8 4 2   8   1 PT
Kelvington 4 2   5 3 1 PT
Speidel 11-14 4 2   5 3 1 PT
Tulip 4 2   8   1 PT
Ulmus 4 2   8   1 PT
Daffodil 2 1   4   1 HA,PT
Dogwood 2 1   4   1 PT
Elderberry 2 1   4   1 PT
Quince 2 1   4   1 PT


Traditional Cottages
These cottages have a fully equipped kitchen including refrigerator, heating, air-conditioning, open fireplace, four bedrooms and the following amenities. All traditional cottages are pet friendly, extra fees will apply.


Bluet 2 1 7  
Clover 2 4 4  
Daisy 2 1 7  
Edelweiss 2 2 4  
Fern 2 2 4  
Viburnum 2 1 3 4
Willow 2 1 3 5
Goldenrod 1 4 4  
Oak 1 2 4  
Yucca 1 2 4  
Zelkova 1 1 7  

Additional Information:
Security boxes are available at Wilson Lodge.
The management is not responsible for damages or loss of property through fire or theft.
  • One 10’x10’ canopy is permitted per cottage. Tents, travel trailers and RV camping are not permitted in the resort or cottage areas.
Guests must be 21 years old to rent a cottage.
Parking is limited to one vehicle per cottage bedroom. (ie: 4 bedroom cottage = 4 parked cars)
Use of the outdoor pool at Oglebay is free to all cottage guests subject to season, weather conditions and hours of operations.
Use of indoor pool, jacuzzi, fitness center and sauna at Wilson Lodge is free to all cottage guests.The indoor pool and jacuzzi will be closed for maintenance March 6–11, 2016 and September 11–16, 2016.
Use of recreation facilities not listed above are not included with a cottage rental. Discounted activity bands are available to cottage guests and may be purchased at the lodge front desk.
An ATM is located in the lobby at Wilson Lodge.
Cottage guests have free 24 hour access to the business center at Wilson Lodge.
Dinner delivery service available to all cottages with 24-hour advance notice. Please call 304-243-4080.

The following equipment, adequate for the size of cottage is provided: cooking utensils, china, flatware and steak knives, can opener, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, pitchers, broom, dustpan and all bedding. Cottages are not equipped with dishwashers unless otherwise noted. Use of other electrical appliances must be authorized by the front desk. All cottages are equipped with a telephone and TV with multichannel cable featuring most major networks.

Linens (sheets, pillowcases and towels) are included and may be exchanged daily. The linen exchange area is located in the Cottage Linen Room at Wilson Lodge; the hours of operation are posted in the cottages. A coin-operated laundry is located in the Cottage Department linen exchange area at Wilson Lodge. It is open daily.

Extra firewood may be purchased. Requests must be submitted to the switchboard at Wilson Lodge by 10 am for service that day.

Pack N Plays & Rollaways
Pack N Plays and rollaways are available for a fee per night, based upon availability. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Cottage Care
Cottage occupants are expected to keep their cottages clean and to leave them in good order, with the kitchen clean. No laundry is to be hung outside the cottage. Excessive cleaning or repairs necessitated will be charged to the cottage occupant.

Charcoal Grills
Charcoal grills are provided at each cottage unless otherwise indicated. Bags of charcoal are not provided but can be purchased at the Resort Shop located inside Wilson Lodge.

Fire Safety
All units are entirely non-smoking. Careful fire precaution is expected. Beds and other furniture may not be rearranged. Clothing, bedding and other combustible materials must not be placed near fireplaces or stoves. No open fires are permitted in the cottage area. Where not provided, charcoal grills may be used on the lawn area, away from the cottage.

Pets are welcome in the traditional & deluxe cottages, but must be kept on a leash in the Resort and restrained from barking. Extra fees will apply.

Concern For Others
General quiet hours are observed after 11 pm. The Resort is closed at 1 am and cottage visitors must depart by that hour.