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Are you frustrated with meetings with no focus, wasted big chunks of time and never getting the expected results? Are you overwhelmed with the number of projects, not enough resources to carry them through and no accountability for results? Do your projects take longer than expected because of poor planning, not having the right people’s input, and lack of upfront deep thinking?

You Aren’t Alone!
Standish Group Research indicates

94% of all projects are restarted.
Average project costs are estimated 220% for every dollar budgeted (projects are costing double what was planned)
83% of all projects costing $1 to $2 million are expected to fail
1/3 of all challenged or failed projects experience time overruns of more than 60%


Is there a better way?
Absolutely. It’s called Compression Planning® Get your best people to:

Produce more results
In less time and less failure
For less money


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